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30th Anniversary Open House

Thank You!

A “Once in 30 Year” Opportunity

Thank you for making our 30th Anniversary Open House, held Sept 15, 2012, a huge success! During our Open House, visitors were afforded the opportunity to stand on the stage, visit the Green Room and private dressing rooms, as well as wander the halls that are normally "off limits".

Although our Open House is past, we invite you to participate in our 30 for 30 Campaign.


30 for 30 Campaign

Proud of the Past
Excited with the Present
Planning for the Future

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Bartlesville Community Center we are asking individuals for a contribution to the Center Endowment Fund. This will ensure the continuing renovation and upkeep of this outstanding facility.

Contact us to learn how to donate towards the upkeep of our bricks and mortar.

Bartlesville Community Center Balcony with the 30 year logo