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300 SE Adams Blvd,
Bartlesville, OK

Call to Artist
Interactive Art Piece
Tower Center at Unity Square

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose for this competition is to provide a unique centerpiece for Tower Center at Unity Square.  The chosen solution will be an artistic installation with an interactive water component.  The installation should celebrate unity, community, and the unique attributes of Bartlesville.

Rendering of Unity Square

History and Vision of Project

Ariel view of the Price tower and the Bartlesville Community Center

In 2018, our citizens voted to develop an urban gathering place to unite Taliesin Fellowship’s Community Center and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower. Tower Center at Unity Square will celebrate the arts with a performance venue, artistic play areas, open lawns for play and relaxation, inviting native stone and plantings, the sounds of water, and intriguing sculptural pieces.  The goal is to provide a gathering place where all people can interact with each other and the arts in a variety of ways. Static art displays will be joined by interactive art pieces, performances, and festivals to bring everyone together regardless of circumstance, culture, or lifestyle. It will be a place where we can dream our own dreams, and connect with our neighbors.

The centerpiece of Tower Center at Unity Square is the subject of this art competition. This installation will be located at the intersection of the design grids of the Community Center and Price Tower and will signify the coming together of all people with the arts and the natural environment. The space allocated for the centerpiece is approximately 750 sf, so the scale of the piece will be significant in the park setting. The winning design will be an artistic installation that is completed by public interaction, and will include a water component for play by the child in all of us. 

The unveiling of the final installation will be in the Fall of 2020.

Call To Artist Plan and Procedures


Colored site plan

The Bartlesville City Council has set aside available funding for this important focal point in Tower Center at Unity Square. Water, storm sewer, and electrical service are available at the site.

The budget for the entire project is $150,000, which will include all artists, Tower Center at Unity Square, architectural/structural Design, and contractor costs. In Round 2, short-listed entrants will propose a project budget to help the selection committee understand the proposal. If the entrant’s design is a sculptural form, for instance, and requires a foundation, landscaping, lighting, etc, the entrant will work with the design professionals and contractors on-site to provide for the best methodology to implement the design.

The Selection Process

Round 1: Vision Proposals

Interested entrants will provide a vision proposal illustrating an understanding of the project and casting a vision for a one of a kind centerpiece. Multiple visions may be submitted if desired.

Successful entrants will be those who propose the most innovative and thought-provoking design. These short-listed entrants will be invited to move on to the next round of the process.

Proposal Submission Deadline for Round 1: January 25, 2020

Round 2: Short List Submissions 

Short-listed entrants will be invited to further develop a solution for review. This submission may include plans, models, photographs, and/or renderings to fully illustrate the designer’s vision.

As a part of this submission, the entrant will provide a budget and schedule for the project. Budget, constructability, and timeline will be significant factors in the committee’s selection.

Proposal Submission Deadline for Round 2: March 20, 2020

Final Selection

The successful entrant will be selected from the short-listed submissions in Round 2. It is possible that 3 or more finalists will be asked for more information prior to a final selection being made.

How To Apply For Round 1


Potential entrants should show interest by January 1, 2020. Interest may be shown by sending an email indicating your interest to eat0@eau0eav0eaw0

Only submissions containing all required entry materials and vision proposal will be reviewed.

Required Entry Materials
  • Names of entrants. This may be a single artist or a group/collective
  • Key contact name, address, telephone, and email
  • Artist resume or group/collective description
  • Qualifications that make the entrant worthy of consideration
  • 3 references that can speak to the entrant’s work ethic, ability to manage time, meet deadlines, and work collaboratively with others. List should include name, relationship to artist, phone number, and email for each reference.
  • Proposed project title
  • Website and/or social media links or photos of previous work.
Vision Proposal - Help us understand your vision, with regard to the following:
  • How does your solution speak to unity, Price Tower, Bartlesville Community Center, and the citizens of Bartlesville?
  • What is the size/scale of the proposed solution? Preliminary sketches, photos, video, text, etc. to help the selection committee gain an understanding of the proposal.
  • How does the solution speak to other elements of the Bartlesville community?
  • How can viewers interact with water in the proposed solution?
  • What does this project add to the experience of the community space?
  • What is your proposed budget for the project including all project costs?
  • Website and/or social media links or photos of previous work.

Selection Process


Submissions will be juried by a committee consisting of representatives from Price Tower Arts Center, Bartlesville Community Center, Bartlesville Art Association and selected community citizens.

Criteria for Judging Proposals:
  • Relevance - Does the solution address Tower Center at Unity Square’s goals of unity, art, community, and interactive appeal?
  • Audience Appeal - Does the solution appeal to diverse audiences, including adults, children, and citizens of all socioeconomic groups?
  • Quality - Does the proposed project offer unique, innovative, and thoughtful ways of connecting Bartlesville citizens and visitors to Tower Center at Unity Square?

Project Schedule

Ariel rendering

Dec. 20 - Call to Artists

January 25 - Round 1 Vision Proposals Due

February 14 - Review Vision Proposals and narrow the field

March 20 - Round 2 Submissions Due

April 1 - Design Committee update and recommendation

April 6 - City Council Award of contract for winning submission

April - Oct - Final Design and Construction

October 31 - Unveiling and Presentation to Community

Expectations from Participating Entrants

  • Communicate regularly, promptly, and clearly with the committee liaison via text, email, and phone calls
  • Participate in possible scheduled meetings during process
  • Participate in possible studio visits from committee members
  • Work collaboratively with committee members
  • Regularly collaborated with committee to ensure budget and schedules are met
  • Promptly inform committee of any concerns or required information
  • Meet all assigned deadlines
  • Remain available for trouble-shooting and repairs while work is performed or installed

Printable Downloads for Participating Entrants

Click Here for Call to Artists.pdf Click Here for additional photos

Rights and Ownership

Artwork created for the competition may be shared or reproduced in various forms during the competition process for publicity and/or educational purposes.

For more information, email the committee here: eat0@eau0eav0eaw0. No calls, please.